Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just a Little Bit of Life, No Biggie.

So, I have realized that my nieces Ally and Jen are way better bloggers than I am, and they sort of put me to shame.  Part of me is totally fine with that.  The other, more dominant part, is feeling really inspired to get better.  So, while I don't have anything major to blog about today, I just thought I would share some pictures that I have taken on my phone in the last couple of months.  I am terrible at taking pics with my actual camera.  But my phone ain't half bad.  So here goes, a little slice of my life as I know it.

Totally saw the Ghostbusters on my way to work a few months ago.  I had no idea they were real.  But, apparently...

Ah, Mapleton.  I took this one evening in April off of my back porch.  

And this one.  Don't worry that I live here.  We call it Mapletopia because, well, it is.


One day in May I was out scouting locations for my head shots and found this rail road track.  I am sure it is a great place for family portraits, head shots, not so much.  But I loved it and had to take a picture.  I think the lighting turned out kinda cool.  Good job, Motorola.

I really do have a pretty cool and interesting job.  I work at BYU Broadcasting on a sports show called Legends.  We highlight outstanding athletic alumni who have gone on to play pro sports of some kind, or be in the Olympics, etc.  The cool part is meeting great people and seeing things that not everyone gets to see, like the press boxes at Lavell Edwards Stadium, from which this picture was taken while on a shoot.

Go Cougars.  Seriously.  I have school spirit like never before.

Ah, BYU Football Media Day.  A day at work that all my BYU freaky fan friends can only dream about attending.  Football players and coaches, past and present, hanging out, doing press for the next season.  Even I was geeking out just a bit, and I didn't know who have of them were. :-)  It really was exciting though. 


This is Big Blue, our state of the art HD truck.  Pretty awesome.

All of a sudden I feel really nerdy posting this, but I am doing it anyway because it is the only picture I have so far of the show I am doing, Crazy For You.  I play Irene Roth, and I have the best costumes.  For rillsies.  I took this pic for my SIL Becca, telling her all about the dress that is so tight I can't sit down in it, and I can't really afford to eat this summer.  But I am loving the show; it is a joy and a pleasure.  Especially when I get to do my big number, a sultry ditty called "Naughty Baby," right in front of my good bishop and his wife (who is a dear friend, and hysterical) sitting in the front row.  Not uncomfortable at all.


 This was taken out my office window of the Alpine, UT wildfire.  It got so much bigger after that, covering the whole mountain and half the sky, it seemed like.  We have had a lot of wildfires in Utah lately.  Really scary. 

And....Happy Fourth of July!

Sadly, the quality of this one is not great, but this is Heidi, Josh, and Amanda eating my cookies as we waited to see the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire in Provo.  What a fun night. 

That's it.  That's life.