Sunday, February 5, 2017

Aaah...Home. In Other Words, the Final Sprint.

I finally got to go home!  Aaaaahhhhh, it was so good.  I loved every day and was so busy and happy!  The first week I just ran around doing last minute wedding stuff, and hung out with Carolynn and Cyndi who came into town early, had a bridal shower (thrown by Becca, again, my wedding planner),  and saw a few friends.  It was delightful. Because, Mapleton in the summer.  I mean, seriously. And my family, every last one of them.

So many great friends for totally different times of my life- Sharon from NYC, and Rochelle from LV.

Katie, dear friend from high school/my amazing photographer, and my beautiful mom.

Deb, Courtney and LaRene- my girls in Utah!

Let's be honest- everyone needs a bunch of ovulation kits and a custom cutting board, courtesy of Sarah.

My mom's blue garter= something blue

By the end of the week, Danny was here!  We just had one more week to get through.  And that week was family reunions for both of our families.  It was a serious marathon, so fun, and so exhausting.  I met part of his family for the first time, and he met part of mine for the first time.  It was so great!  And we were so tired, leading right up to the wedding.  But I would do it again.

We really are bad at selfies.

We started the week off right, by getting our marriage license, and celebrating that with some In n' Out burgers.  Because that's what you do when you get your marriage license. Naturally (wedding dress be $%@&*%.)  We then spent the rest of Monday and all day Tuesday with the Stokers.  We celebrated all the July birthdays (including Danny!), and had a great time just chatting.  They are like the Ridings that way, for which I am thrilled!  They love to just spend time talking to each other.  It was great to get to know them a bit better.  Tuesday we went hiking up Cottonwood Canyon and it was beautiful.  Danny and I would turn to each other and just say, "Why do we live in Virginia?!"  That question was actually repeated all week.


The birthday kids- Michelle, Maia, Kate and Danny

Danny, getting his due birthday spankings from Michelle.

We then went to join my family in the Heber Valley.  Danny was  a trooper with so many new people, and everyone like him. (Phew! ;-)  Not worried...

Wednesday we did a day hike (second in a row for us) up into the Uinta Mountains, to some lake that I can't remember the name of.  It was stunning, as you can see, because I took a million pictures.  Also, there were brave souls that cliff jumped into the freezing cold water.  That would not be me.  But Danny was one of those brave souls.  Earning a little street cred with the Ridings, you know.

Adam, Jonny, Jake, Seth, Lincoln


Carolynn and Gavin, partners in crime for adventures





Sarah and Jonny with a perfect vantage point to watch the jumpers

Emily and Megan, two more partners in crime

Dave, one of my favorite people

Thursday was spent all day boating at Jordanelle Reservoir.  It was a gorgeous day.  We wakeboarded, hung out by the lake, and just had a nice, relaxed time.  Sadly, Danny and I were neglectful with the sunscreen in some places, and got pretty sunburned.  Two days before our wedding.  It's fine.  I was very careful with all parts that would show, but somehow didn't pay any attention to my legs, and that was a huge mistake. A mistake I have made many times, and thought I was past making again.  Apparently, not so. Still. A great day.  and we were all exhausted.

Danny, you know, tearing it up

It was pretty early in the morning

Doing a little canoeing with Carolynn

That hair!

Elissa and Maggie

Hanging with these Vintage Classics on the boat

Look at these two- always up for an adventure

Mike spent most of the day driving the boat, with just a few reprieves by Danny



The house we stayed in was perfect.  Big, room for everyone, a huge yard, a hot tub, all of the things.  And a gorgeous view.



Lincoln, just doing his thing



Friday was July 22nd, the 10 month anniversary of Layne's death.  So before breakfast, we got up and ran a 5k in his honor.  He loved to run.  It was a fun family bonding/remembering activity. 


And this was the notification my phone on Friday.  As if I could forget, and I sure got treated to a pedicure by Cyndi. Priorities.   #onedaymore #lesmisreference