Sunday, November 20, 2016

Engagement Shots!

For posterity's sake, and because I love them. These were taken in Old Town Alexandria, and area that has been around for a bit.   One of the earliest settlements in the United States, and George Washington's hometown. Enjoy.

Home Stretch!

 And just like that, it is JUNE, and Danny and I were so excited because we could finally start saying, "we get married next month!"  Just a little bit of anticipation; just a bit.  But in the meantime, we found some time to have some fun, like kayaking on the Potomac River in Georgetown.  This was one of the first things we did together when we barely knew each other.  So it was really fun to do it again, this time being engaged.  That, with some awesome Lebanese food and a gorgeous sunset, made for a great date night. 

Our invitations looked amazing; we were so pleased.  Becca designed them, and we had great engagement shots taken in Old Town Alexandria, and area of Alexandria we both really like.  It was a major project to stuff all of those and get them in mail, but it was a huge relief to get it done.

 Another beautiful day for a run....

Danny and I went to Lake Anna with some friends on a Saturday in June.  Neither of us have been for a long time, so we were really looking forward to it.  I loved watching my man shake the cobwebs off his wakeboarding skills and get some good jumps in!

I love this picture of us.  About 5 weeks out from the wedding.  Just counting the days.

 Then it was July, and time for a bridal shower before heading to Utah!  My roommate Jenny threw it for me, and these lovely ladies came to support, and it was so fun to celebrate with girl friends who know both of us.   And to have a mason jar engraved with our names, because why not?

This week was really stressful for both of us.  So done with just being engaged, so ready to be married already, but we still have to move out of our places, move into the new apartment (Danny),


get work stuff done, last minute planning, etc.  It was a lot.  I was so ready to go home!

Remember How I Can't Quit New York City?

Therefore, Danny and I headed up to my happy place for Memorial Day weekend.  It was a great weekend.  We got in late Friday night, and spent Saturday with his siblings.  


Maia, Megan and me.  Two of my new sistas!

I played the tour guide, for the most part, and it was really fun to spend some quality time and get to know them.  Maia and Matt both live on the east coast, in NJ and NY, respectively.  Megan was living in Vegas at the time, but came out for the weekend, partly to get to know me (pressure!).  (It's OK.  Not a ton of pressure.  Just fun).  


We ran around the city, ate good food, of course, and saw Fiddler On The Roof, which was a stunning production.  Brought back a few memories of doing the show in high school- that production was basically just as good....







Sunday we did just about nothing except go to church and it was lovely.  The day was gorgeous, so we went and sat in Central Park for much of the morning, and among people watching and laying on a blanket, attempted to take a good selfie, at which we failed, of course. 

Truly, one of my favorite views in the whole city.
After church we just spent some time with a few close friends of mine.  Bonus- some of my really good friends from Utah, the Lttle siblings and Joseph Ogden, happened to be in town that weekend, so they stopped by too.  It was great to see them and introduce Danny to some of my Utah people.

Monday I hosted a brunch with my NYC people, and it was crowded, loud, and awesome.  With great food, of course.  Danny was a champion, and so were my friends, who really reached out to him and tried to get to know him.  I love my friends so much, and still miss them.  It was great to see all of them again. 


Brook and I and our selfies.

Angela, Mel and Amber

Memorial Day weekend was a win for the books.  And still planning, planning.....