Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stella: A Study in Babies on Camera.

It's hard to take a good picture with a baby.  Just needed to share the experience.  That's all.

Selfies.  Not working.

 Awkward clothes-all-askew pictures are always fun.

 "Aunt Nicole, I'm uncomfortable....."

 "Well, OK.  That's better."

 "Done.  Leave me alone."

Nailed it.

Utah Trip, Week Two.

OK, week two in Utah was super crazy too.  Here goes:

Standard pics of sunset in Mapletopia:

My parents, Carolynn and I headed down to St. George for the nephew's baptism.  Teresa and her clan came as well.  Nothing like a baptism scheduled at 10:10am and held in the gym of the stake center to remind you that you are in Utah.  
This guy.  Love that Lincoln.  So handsome in his suit!

STELLA!!!  (Insert Marlon Brando voice here)

Jonny and James, buddies.

Had no idea that Sarah and I had a mutual dear friend in Rance!  What??

These cousins are so good to each other! They make me happy.

Kolob Canyon on the way home.  So beautiful.

The Provo City Center temple, under construction.

 Back home in Mapletopia, Mom, Carolynn and I visited the temple and had a great morning together before Carolynn went back to Texas.

Love. These. Mountains.

Final lunch on Tuesday with my girls Courtney and Amanda.
 So.  The Denver leg of the trip.  I was hired to do an industrial (translation: a corporate event that we threw a little show together for, a gig, if you will.  And I will.)  We rehearsed for three nights then flew to Denver on 3 hours of sleep, rehearsed all day, and did the hour long show.  So. Tired.  But so fun, really. 
The ladies: Korianne, Suzie, and me.

The menfolk: Zach, Rob, Brian, Chris.

These were our "deliriously tired and slap-happy post show" faces.

Getting "shake-wasted."  Again, post-show and post-burgers.

 I stayed an extra day after everyone else went back to Utah in order to see some old friends.  Tiffany and Joe Hale, and Eldon Kartchner.  Young Ambassador 98-99 reunion!  So wonderful!

Sometimes you take pictured of great yellow shoes.
 And...we're back.  So great to be back in my city! So I can rest.....

Am I allowed to consider two totally different places Home?  I went home for two weeks, and now I am back home.  Hmmm....

Utah Trip, Week One

NYC---->Mapleton---->St. George---->Mapleton---->Denver----->NYC

My trip home was awesome!  So busy.  Busy Bee, I was.  For real.  So I am not even going to try and recap in detail.  Here are some pics:

Family, ah, family. 

Jen and Kelly.  Niece and Cousin that I love dearly.

This girl is going on a mission to Brazil soon.  And we match.

Hooray for Riding women!  And family dinners on Sundays!

Megan and Rachel with their older cousin.  Love them.

There is something about old friends, friends you have had for so long, that you know so well, that can't ever be replaced.
Rob is demonstrating his feelings about our current conversation.

Rob, Courtney, Amanda, Chad, and Melissa

Of course, a picture of Spring:

And of my pedicured feet with Emily.  That happened.

 Then the sisters came to town for Women's Conference.  It was so fun to be together!

Only at Women's Conference would you need a sign like this.

Big hair sighting!

Mom, Carolynn and me.  Doin' the selfie.

Sometimes you have to take dumb pics with your friends at WC.

And sometimes you do service, even when you don't want to. 

Suuuper long lines.  Who was speaking, anyway??

And, another shout out to Spring in Utah. 
Week One: Complete.  Nailed it.