Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fort Tryon Park

This actually happened right before going to Seattle a month ago, but I have to post these.  I took myself on a walk/date up in Fort Tryon Park, in the Washington Heights/Inwood neighborhood.  I lived right by it 10 years ago, and I just love it up there.  It was a beautiful day, and an adventure that reminded me how much I love this city, partly because there are so many different environments and setting within one city.  This is one of them.  The park is serene, gorgeous, and peaceful.  It was a lovely afternoon.

First, a little walk by my old building.

The Hudson River

Loving the red barge against the green trees and the (blue?) water.

George Washington Bridge

Unintended Hiatus


Let's be honest, sometimes is takes a lot of energy for me to formulate a blog post.  It just takes time.  And the last few weeks after getting back from Seattle, I have just not taken the time to do it.  But I really do want to post about my incredible week with my family!  I have been procrastinating.  But I am back.  Promise.

Seattle was amazing.  My family is amazing.  I heart them like nobody's business.  We went to Seattle because that is where Gary and family lived, and they hosted.  I say "lived" in past tense because, after a year in the Garden of Eden after moving to Bellevue from Texas, they moved right back to the same area in Texas, a week after the reunion.  That's right.  They organized and orchestrated a reunion with 40+ people, and then moved the next week.  They deserve a medal, lots of chocolate and some serious rest.  They love Texas.  But the whole week, I kept having to say to Gary, "I'm so sorry you are moving back to Texas."  And he would say, "me too."  Their area of Washington is STUNNING.  There was so much to do, so much charm, so much green.  We all loved it and were collectively sad for them that their time in Washington was so short.  But, we are glad we got to see it while they were there.

A recap of all we did: Hung around their beautiful house with a big backyard so the kids could play and we could enjoy each other.  Pike Place Market in Seattle.  Some beach park that was perfect weather and environment in every way.  Bainbridge Island.  Fort Worden.  Family Talent show (of course.  I am far from the only ham in my family.)  Family pictures (I will post when I actually get those.)  Surprise birthday party for Melissa.  Kayaking on the Puget Sound. many fun things.

Enjoy the pictures.  I will post captions as I see fit.  Fair warning: there are is an obscene amount of pictures of my nieces and nephews, and the spectacular views in the places we were.  Not sorry about it. 

The original cast.

Snoqualmie Falls.  So stunning!

Ainsley was OBSESSED with this costume.

And James only added a cape to make this one amazing.

These crazy boys rode little push scooters into Seattle.  Must be good to be awesome.  Sure do love these ones. 
Hanging out in Seattle with the Spencers.

So I took a picture of a random sail boat.  Because it was awesome.

So dramatic, Gavin!  We must be related.  I am actually pretty sure I coached him on this picture. But he is pretty dramatic.  And hilarious.  And Caden...just...I can't.  He is a little gem, that one.

Pike Place Market flowers!  The best!

Gum Wall Alley?  Gross.  And of course, Jonny finds a Japanese flag out of gum.  Of course.
Sarah and Mike, keeping it classy.

Token Space Needle picture, taken from a parking lot.  No biggie.

I don't remember the name of this park.  But it was perfect.

What's that smell?  Stella...didn't you see the SIGN??

Mark, Jake, Matt, Gavin, Caden, Tristan, Rachel, Jonny.  Cousins.

Did you know that Vikings ate donuts that were as large as your head?  I didn't either, but apparently they do.
Evening devotionals. 
Exploring the coast at Fort Worden on the Puget Sound.

Two  my favorites ladies EVER, Mom and Carolynn

Total dance party for Melissa's birthday. 

With a pinata.  Because that's how we roll.

Kayaking with Sarah.  Because we can.

Boys don't change!  They will always find some means of self destruction.
LOVE grandkids who are not too old to love on JoDaG and NaMoG.

Officers' Quarters with the Spencers.

My quarters, the servants' quarters.  Not going to lie, kind of creepy.

Don't judge the mess.  It was the last morning and I was packing up.
My Loves.
John and Naomi, holding court.  As per usual. 

I mean, seriously, Fort Worden.  Seriously.

More of my Loves.
This is John.  He is my dad.  And he makes me laugh.

This is also John.  And he really likes root beer floats.

Impromptu last day berry picking.  With my Loves.

Sometimes my brothers and I get a little hyper late at night.  And we play with dolls.

The day after I got home, I was missing my fam, so I self-soothed with some of my mom's granola.  Naturally.