Sunday, October 2, 2016

Winter Really Does Turn Into Spring, Eventually.

Undoubtedly, my engagement to Danny on March 18th was the biggest, most note-worthy event of the year thus far. But here are a few highlights as winter turned to spring:

First hockey game!  It was momentous, and I got a free T-shirt.  Winning. 

Ugh.  Done with this business of winter.  But I always love a good girls night in with the roommates!


 This is why I am marrying Danny.  Truth.  And also his thoughtfulness, as evidenced below.  :-)

I'm always a sucker for a good sunset.  And the cherry blossoms at sunset?  Definitely worth seeing. 

 When Spring finally comes, I just can't get enough of it.

Nor can I get enough of General Conference weekend, with my niece, good treats, and my fiance.  Oh man, is he the cutest, or what??

Temple day for the soon-to-be Stokers.

My college friend Aaron came to town with the musical Jersey Boys, and Danny was a gem and got some tickets for us to see the show.  He's wonderful,  and it was so fun to see Aaron. 

Becca and Sarah headed up organizing matching outfits for the nieces and nephews for the wedding, and...introducing my new niece Kate!  In her adorable dress!  

 At the end of April I went home to find a wedding dress and do some planning.  And to see my mom, who's health had been on the fritz.  Getting old is the worst.  But this view from my parents' back porch?  Kind of the best.

 Found this picture in a frame at home.  Couldn't resist throwing it up on social media for National Siblings Day.  Oh man, it's good, in all our 90's family reunion finery.

 Anyway, back to the present and wedding dress shopping with some of my favorite women!  I found an amazing dress that I loved, and got so much done in two days I couldn't believe it.  Major thanks to these ladies for the major support, even though that particular day was a really hard one for Teresa.  7 months since Layne passed.

 And seeing these girls in their wedding finery!  Oh, my heart.

Again, why Danny and I are getting married.  Just a little sneak peak at our engagement photos. 

I really do like my neighborhood.  Especially when it's not snowing....

Danny and I met up with a friend from NYC, Kristin Robinson, and visited the Renwick Gallery.  It was awesome. 

And another NYC friend, Sara Moncivais, made us a paper chain for a countdown.  She wrote quotes about love and marriage in each one.  A more thoughtful gift I really can't imagine!

I still never tire of finding a beautiful path to run on.  And it was a beautiful day.  And in the meantime, we were planning, planning, planning.....