Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Monster Truck Rally, A Protest, and A Les Miz Reunion Walked Into A Bar.....

 The first few months of the year were, by and large, pretty uneventful.  But there were a few things here and that made the gross winter a little more interesting. 

Always great to have dinner with some girlfriends- Jenny Medlock, Eleesha Tucker, and Bryana Shirley.

Sometimes your dear friend (Brook Mecham) in NYC organizes an NYC/DC adventure at a monster truck rally in DC.  So we spent a classy afternoon at the Verizon Center  watching massive trucks and dirt bikes wreck themselves in spectacular fashion.  I felt really good about my life, and it was, of course, so fun to see some of my people!  And, come on- MONSTER TRUCK RALLY.

 I went to my first protest!  Danny and I thought we would go check out one of the many protests happening in the city in the wake of the Inauguration for President Donald Trump.  It was really interesting, and I have to say- I very much agreed with a lot of the sentiment expressed.  I'm a little worried about the state of our country by the time that man is done.

Dave and fam stopped through on their journey back across the country after living in Nova Scotia for 6 months.  They loved it, and were a little sad to be heading back to Utah. But it was sure fun to see them.  They all stayed in a hotel, except for Emily, who stayed with us; that was fun to have her spend the night.

First Valentine's Day as a married couple!  We had Thai food and ice cream, and it was lovely. I got real lucky with this one.

"Look, Dad!  I found a statue of Jack!"  My dad has a good friend from his childhood- a jackrabbit named Jack.  I have grown up on stories about Jack, and the tradition is now being passed to the grandkids.  I can't wait for my kids to hear the same stories.

First time going to the Library of Congress!  It was gorgeous!  I love when people come to town- it gives us a chance to play tourists for a day.  In this case, Danny's brother Matt and his wife Colleen.

Check out that reading room. Just stunning.

George Gershwin's piano.  I was definitely geeking out.

And then.  THEN.  In March, I went up to New York for a day with my dear friend Stephanie and her husband Riley. The purpose?  A big Les Miz cast reunion.  March marked 30 years since LM opened on Broadway, so my friend Greg Brandt organized a big party to commemorate.  It was so fun, and so wonderful to see some old friends I had worked with and have not seen in person for so many years.  I loved catching up on people's lives and finding out about marriages, babies, jobs, and just life. I have incredible memories of my life on tour, and many of these good people were a big part of that.  Of course, there were people I had not worked with and didn't know, so it was fun to meet some new people as well.  A really great night.  I almost hadn't gone because of some church calling obligations, and frankly I had forgotten about it until I had committed to some other things.  But I was able to get those covered at the last minute and go up with Steph an Riley.  What a great weekend. 

Stephanie (Cosette), Joan Almedilla (Fantine), and me

Leslie Henstock (Cosette cover), Betsy Werbal (swing) and I, just chatting it up in the gorgeous bathroom.

My Eponine cover sister, Marnie Nicolella.

Melissa Lyons (my replacement), Joan, and Jamibeth Margolis, who cast us all!

Marnie and Gregg Brandt (swing) who planned the whole thing. 

My girl Steph.  Still, one of my most cherished friendships.

Sandra Turley (Cosette from Bway and one of my BYU friends), Peter Lockyer (Bway Marius), and his wife Melinda. When we went to China and S. Korea, Sandra and Peter joined our company for that run as Cosette and Marius.  It was fun to work with Sandra, and a joy and honor to work with Peter. I went on as Eponine once with both of them, and loved it. 

I guess the first few months of 2017 were a little more eventful than I first thought- at least there were a lot of firsts, so that's fun, isn't it?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Our First Christmas- Mixed Reviews, I Say.

"Official" family Christmas picture?
Christmas!  Our first.  It was grand because it was our first.  But I have to get real here- it was a very hard season. We both got sick after Thanksgiving, and were sick for a while after that.  I got sick, got better, and literally a DAY LATER got sick again. I was basically fighting a nasty cold the whole season.  Danny did recover from his cold, finally, but then got GOUT.  How does that even happen?  We aren't totally sure, but it can sometimes be brought on by being sick.  Well, there you go.  It was awful and really painful for him.   So, I have to say, that as much as I love the Christmas season, and I loved spending it with my one and only, being sick the whole time was for the birds.  And not the two partridges in a pear tree. 

The other, really hard aspect that capped off a health-challenged season was I suffered a miscarriage after Christmas.  I was about 6 weeks pregnant, and I don't know that I want to go into all of it in this post.  But it was harrowing, painful, heartbreaking, and awful.  We had finally told my family on Christmas Day, and two days later found out the pregnancy was not viable. We were leaving that afternoon to fly to Indiana for my nephew Josh's wedding; we debated about whether still to go, but decided it would be good to be with family, and a nice distraction.  And it was.  It was so good to be with them, and be able to concentrate on something else besides our own heartbreak for two days.  And the wedding was beautiful. 

I couldn't have asked for a better partner than Danny through all of it.  He was amazing and supportive the whole time.  We cried together, prayed together, and he held me even when his tears were gone but mine weren't.  I love this man so much.  

The miscarriage itself happened over New Year Eve.  What a way to bring in 2017, eh? 

With that out of the way,  here are some fun memories from the season: 

I like him.

The milkshake that almost saved Christmas.  Peppermint from Chik Fil'A.

The first of what will be tradition, I'm sure- making cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve.

Our Christmas Tree, of course!  We got a live one.  Loved it.

Christmas Eve service at Christ's Church in Alexandria, where George Washington attended in his day.  It was the perfect activity for the evening; it was so sacred and beautiful. 

Putting on brave faces to go to Indiana for a wedding.


Elissa, Jonathan and Adam, so happy to be in the car and out of the cold!

Look at these gorgeous Cannon women!  Elissa was THRILLED to have a sister!

Look at this kid.  I changed his diapers.  Now he's a grown up and getting married and stuff.
The Cannon family- notice the picture of Ethan, on a mission.

This little Sassafrass.

Mom and Dad- always engaged, always caring to spend quality time with those they love the most.  (Of course, this was after the impromptu dance party we had while all the boys were off playing lazer tag after the wedding).

Every time I watch them go, it gets a little harder.

And then, sometimes you have the opportunity to drown your sorrows in a GIGANTIC package of Twix.  (For the record, I did not buy it).

Welp, on to 2017, shall we?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fall in Virginia is No Joke. And I Love It.

I really do love the fall in the South.  The weather is really nice, and the leaves...I just can't get enough.  And there is apple-picking!  Danny is not as enamored by that as I am, because he grew up picking apples and whatnot, but ever since I moved back East in general (I went one year in NYC too) I have found apple-picking to be an amazing fall activity.  So of course, I just grabbed my friend Katy and we went on our way and had a great time!  


Poop happens, you guys.  It happens.


General Conference happened, and it was a delightful weekend at home with my favorite.  I have to admit, I get a little crazy in the October and November, because I want to to aaalllll the fall things.  


And eat all the pumpkin. Danny was a good sport throughout most of it, but he got a little tired, I think. :-)   But he still knows what I love, at the end of a hard day. 

He knows me.


We hit up Gettysburg on Columbus Day, and that was fascinating and beautiful.  I couldn't believe the expanse of the battlefield.  And of course, the day would not be complete without a Confederate flag coming out of my sandwich.  Apparently. 




The end of October brought a fast and furious day trip to New York City, and of course, some Levain Bakery and Central Park, two of my favorite things, with my absolute favorite person.

In November, Danny's parents came, giving us an excuse to drive Skyline Drive inside Shenandoah National Park.  It was a beautiful day! 




Then on Veterans' Day Danny and I took a hike nearby our apartment.  I just love being outside in nice fall weather. 


Thanksgiving!  My favorite!  Danny and I spent it with his siblings Maia, Matt and families in New Jersey, and then spent Friday in New York City with friends.   I made sure to get down to the Post-it Wall in Union Square Station, where the community spontaneously created a wall of notes in reaction to the election of President Trump.  It was really moving. I miss being in a city that moves as a community that way.



Of course, some of the Christmas decorations were already up in the City, which was a perfect ushering in of the Holiday season for me.  I love New York during the holidays.  So much. And I also love that my man will take me to a Broadway musical every once in a while.  

Dang.  I miss that city.  But I'd leave it all again just to meet and marry Danny.  #worthitalltheway xoxo