Sunday, May 28, 2017

Back to Life....Back to Reality....

I'm going to be honest.  Getting back into life post-wedding was not the easiest.  But this face helped a lot. :-)  End of summer shenanigans...

1. Bike ride around the monuments at sunset. Hence, the helmet.  But that World War II Memorial is pretty impressive, I have to say.


2. Philadelphia, PA temple open house, where we met up with my dear friend Kristi Barney Christensen.  The temple was stunning, and it was so fun to see her!  

Oddly, my sunglasses look good on him.




3. I ate my first Philly cheese steak.  It was huge. Philadelphia success. 
4. We also went to a fascinating art exhibit in Philadelphia, made entirely of mosaics and various knickknacks.



Photobomb by me.  You're welcome, Kristi.

5. My First Nationals baseball game. Great date night. 

6. Danny and I being really mature at Williams Sonoma.  

That pretty much sums it up, folks.  Really exciting around here as the summer winds down.  But- it's life with my Favorite! 

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